Beetle Frenzy


Theme: Bugs and insects
Reels: 9
Paylines: 5
Progressive jackpot: No.
Bonus game: Yes. Free spins games.

Beetle Frenzy is a creepy-crawly inspired slot machine game that is completely unique and incredibly exciting! Most slot games only allow you to hit the spin button and watch the outcome. Beetle Frenzy allows the player to speed up play and even affect the outcome as hitting the spin button after the reels are already spinning. This unique feature is called Flower Frenzy and is only available on Beetle Frenzy.


Players can increase their wins by using scatter symbols, which lead to free spins. While playing, keep your eyes peeled for Golden Apples, which will activate Free Spins and multiply wins. The Bonus game of Beetle Frenzy is called Big Collector and is available when the player sees 3 glass jar symbols.

This 3 reel, 5-line game is simple to play and understand and very lucrative for players looking for a fun and quick way to play a fruit machine game online. Any fruit machines fan should give this game a try, collect bugs, enjoy  the flower frenzy feature and have fun on the way to big casino wins!


The prize table of the Beetle Frenzy fruit machine:


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