Jackpot fruit machines

A jackpot on a fruit machine can refer to two types of jackpots: the highest prize that can be won or a growing (progressive) jackpot. The description on this page refers to fruit machines with a progressive jackpot. These kind of online slots can be played at almost every UK online casino. A progressive jackpot is a jackpot which is growing everytime somebody plays on the particular machine. If you make a wager on a jackpot fruit machine, the progressive will grow a little bit.


A progressive jackpot starts at a certain amount. For example 250,000 dollar for the Major Millions slot.  Sometimes this jackpot is won at 300,000 dollar but sometimes it rises over a million dollar as well. You’ll never really know when somebody will hit the jackpot. Some people look at the latest hits of jackpots and only start playing on that slot after the jackpot is higher then the amount of a previous hit. They believe that this gambling style improves the odds of winning the jackpot. The truth is that nobody really knows when you can hit it. Otherwise there would have been a lot of wealthy progressive slot players…Below you can see some good and famous UK jackpot fruit machines.


Examples of jackpot fruit machines:
Spiderman fruit machine
Major Millions
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