Problem gambling

A relative small group of people gets addicted to online gambling and it shouldn’t be like this. Gambling with for example online fruit machines should be a fun and exciting spare time activity which not consumes your whole life in a destructive way. If you think you have an addiction to online gambling games, or if you’re sensitivity towards it, it might be useful to visit the following helpful websites or do the gambling problem test below.

Helpful UK websites about gambling addiction


– GamCare – professional advise about (online) gambling addiction


– Gamble Aware – professional info / prevention gambling addiction


– Gamblers Anonymous UK – offering the hand of friendship to compulsive gamblers


Gambling problem test


Answer the questions below. If you answer more then 7 questions with a yes then you have a problem with playing (online) gambling games and then it’s sensible to consider if to do something about it with or without professional help.


1. Do you sometimes forget what time it is during a gambling session, while you had important activities like work or study?

2. When you lose with gambling, do you get the urge to gamble again as soon as possible to win everything back?

3. Do you have problems with your intimate relations, because of your gambling behaviour?

4. Do you sometimes have feelings of regret after a gambling session?

5. Did your reputation got worse because of gambling?

6. Do you sometimes gamble to solve financial problems?

7. Do you sometimes hate yourself after playing gambling games?

8. If you win with gambling, do you feel the urge to win even more?

9. Do you gamble until you’ve lost your last penny?

10. Did you ever borrow money to be able to gamble?

11. Did you ever sell things of your own to be able to gamble?

12. Do you find it unpleasant to spend money on other stuff, which was reserved for (online) gambling initially?

13. Does gambling make you feel indifferent about the well-being of your intimate relations (children, partner, brother etc.)?

14. Do you sometimes play gambling games longer then you intended to?

15. Do you sometimes gamble to escape from your problems?

16. Did you ever consider doing something illegal to be able to gamble?

17. Do you sometimes have problems with catching sleep, because of gambling?

18. Do you sometimes go out to gamble, because you’re frustrated?