Relic Raiders


Theme: Hunting for treasure
Reels: 5
Paylines: 50
Progressive jackpot: No.
Bonus game: Yes. Pick the right urns.

Adventure and treasure hunting is the order of the day while playing Relic Raiders, an exciting and fun slot game available at the Tower Gaming Casino. Search through ruins, pick up valuable gems, and play in the Bonus game while picking up winning lines on 5 reels and 4 reels.


Perhaps the most fun aspect of Relic Raiders is the high chance of playing in the Bonus Game. When you see three or more symbols featuring the intrepid explorers that star in Relic Raiders, you’ll be whisked off to a screen allowing you to choose one of four different places around the world to play the bonus game. Once you’ve chosen a location, click on the golden vases to search for treasure. If you see a spider, the game is over and it’s back to the slots!


Relic Raiders fruit machine also features scatter symbols, free spins, wild symbols and a maximum bet of $100. All of its various features combine to create a hugely enjoyable video slot gaming experience that’s both fun to play and potentially very lucrative. Play Relic Raiders at the Tower Gaming Casino today!